Specialty Paint

Pintura stands out from our competition because we don’t ignore our customers and will go the extra mile to make sure our products and services are superior.  Whether you are buying one gallon or one hundred gallons of paint, we want to make sure you are getting the right product at the right price. Pintura Paint is family/locally owned and are proud to be part of the fabric of San Antonio Small Business.  We are firm believers in supporting local and small business in a effort to help keep our local economy thriving.

Commercial paint

Schools, hospitals, office buildings and countless other ‘everyday’ commercial projects and commercial painters count on us to help deliver quality products and services.

epoxy floor paint

Epoxy Floor Paint

When it comes to floor coatings, a rugged and durable solution is non-negotiable. Corotech offers a full line of primers, epoxies and urethane that provide long-lasting protection and an enhanced, polished appearance. We have options for DIY kits and single or two part kits for our professional installers.

residential paint store san antonio

Residential Paint

We supply our painting contractors and homeowners with only the best products available. We have a "good, better, best" option for all type of projects and budgets. We will also order any type of custom paint you may need.

paint thinner supply store san antonio tx

Paint Thinner

We stock a full line of thinnes and solvnets for all types of applications. Paint thinner can be used to remove stubborn paints from various surfaces and can also serve as a means to thin the paint, exactly like its name suggests.

wood stain store san antonio

Stain and Lacquer

Come see our impressive line of gel stains, furniture refinishing products, wood stains and spray paint. Custom lacquer tinting services are also available from our master color pro's.

paint supply store san antonio tx

Paint Supplies

Pintura carries a wide variety of brushes, rollers, covers, tarps, tape, extension poles, caulk, wood fillers, putty and drywall accessories. We also provide custom coloring/tinting for spray paint and caulk.